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Curriculum Vitae
Personal information
  • Name: Gwendolijn Cajeta Koppert
  • Telephone: 0031-6-57215725
  • Email: gwendolijnkoppert at gmail.com
Current work
  • Light objects
  • Organic shapes
  • Bowls
  • Figures
  • Materials: porcelain, clay and glass
Work experience
  • Finished Academy of Plastic Arts, Genk
    Final project: Light and Airiness
    Fascination with jelly fish, their transparent appearance gives a certain airiness and symbolize playful movement of light and shape.
    I have tried to capture these properties in this project. Floating in space with different light variations, I try to show the mobile jelly fish play. The transparancy, fragility and formability of porcelain gave me this possibility.
Licht en Luchtigheid
  • 8 years experience with stained glass, came glasswork
Stained glass, came glasswork
  • A couple of years experience with cire perdue
Cire perdue
  • Academy of Arts, Edinburgh
Academy of Arts, Edinburgh